Webinar: How to Sell Your Services

Webinar: How to Sell Your Services

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Expert small business coach, Pete Carruthers, addressed Safreans in a landmark webinar, hosted from his office in Norway. Here we provide a downloadable audio file of the webinar, as well as a full transcript.

Audio file: http://www.safrea.co.za/system/asset/file/44/SAFREA-PeterCarruthers-2014-09-30.mp4

Note: This is an MPEG4 file of approximately 26 megabyte. It may take a while to download onto your machine. Right click the link and select either “run in a new screen”, in which case it will open in a media player file, or if you want to save it, click “save as” and select a location to save to. (Be aware that different browser could give you different messages.)

Download the webinar transcript: http://www.safrea.co.za/system/asset/file/45/SAFREA_Sep_30_transcript.pdf