Special Offers on Training Courses

Special Offers on Training Courses

SAFREA offers all paid-up members discounted access to media and other training courses (writing, editing, photography, etc.) run by Safreans across South Africa. Below are links to various courses currently on offer.

Please note: SAFREA does its best to update and add courses as they are available, however, it is up to members to confirm trainings are current. All bookings are made at the risk of the members themselves and the organisation assumes no responsibility for course content or host.


Name: Stuart Rothgiesser

Region: WC (prepared to travel)

Area of specialisation: Writing

Training areas (topics): Copywriting, communication strategy, website conceptualization, corporate storytelling

Course/s available:

  • Website Conceptualization (companies, NGOs and individuals): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Writing for the Web (Companies, individuals, NGOs and government): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Storytelling for marketing, internal communications and advocacy (Corporates, NGOs and journalists): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Communication strategy design (Corporates, government and NGOs): 3 Days, R1, 080.00
  • Annual General Report Writing (NGOs, government and corporates): 2 Days, R720.00
  • Report and Proposal Writing for Professionals (NGOs, government and corporates: All professional people who work with ideas: CEOs, managers, communications personnel, facilitators and consultants): 3 Days, R1, 080.00

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10% (included in above prices)

Course/s are ideal for: Professionals at mid level (writers and non-writers)

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.stuartrothgiesser.com

Contact number or e-mail address: 021 426 0192 / stuartroth@vodamail.co.za

Name: Jaco Wolmarans

Region: Western Cape

Area of specialisation: Photography, video production

Training areas (topics): Editorial shoots, story illustration, landscape & travel, corporate video production

Course/s available:

  • Digital photography (6 weeks, R750)
  • Wedding photography (2 weeks, R850)
  • Corporate video production (4 weeks, R3200)

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: 15% on all courses

Course/s are ideal for: New DSLR owners, those wishing to move to more creative manual control of their cameras

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.pictureperfect.co.za; www.wordsource.co.za

Contact number or e-mail address: (021) 552 3982; 082 8555945

Name: Carrie Hampton

Region: Cape Town

Area of specialisation: Travel Writing

Training areas (topics): Travel Writing Workshops and Courses

Course/s available:

  • One-Day Travel Writing Workshops learn the art of all aspects of travel writing and how to sell your work. Dates and price TBC.
  • 10-Module Online Travel Writing Course  can register any time; R3295 less discount to be agreed, for completion within 6 months. Covering every aspect of travel writing; each module marked plus encouraging comments.

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10-20%

Course/s are ideal for: One-day workshop for amateurs or professionals from other fields of writing, editing, photography, etc. 10-module course for anyone who shows writing talent and is really interested in becoming a travel writer good self-motivation and self-marketing skills a great advantage.

Accreditation: Certificate of Completion for 10-Module Course.

Link or e-mail address to read more: carrieh@iafrica.com

Contact number or e-mail address: 082 9765905

Name: Tony Mills

Region: Eastern Cape (PE)

Area of specialisation: Photography

Training areas (topics): Basic users course slanted at journos; shows dos and donts; covers upmarket point-and-shoots (G10-type) to SLRs via distance learning

Course/s available:

  • Basic Photography Course (Correspondence). The length of the course is dependent on the students grasp of things photographic. (Usually, at classroom level, its four weeks, one day a week for 2.5 hour sessions with practicals at around 1.5 hours each.

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: No charge if you are happy with what you have learned, a reasonable donation for my time would be appreciated. The usual cost of the course is R1500.00.

Course/s are ideal for: Beginner or would-be news/journo photographers

Accreditation: None.

Link or e-mail address to read more: http://shutterstock.com/g/tmills; http://www.wix.com/bushpig1/Bushpig1

Contact number or e-mail address: tmills@bushpig.co.za

Name: Hamilton Wende

Region: Based at Prynnsberg in the Eastern Free State its a weekend away for those who want to learn to start writing a book

Area of specialisation: Narrative non-fiction and fiction

Training areas (topics): Write That Book! Teaching people the basics of writing a book so that they leave the course with the start of that book they always dreamed about writing.

Course/s available: A ‘boot camp for writers’ (Friday lunch time to Sunday lunch time). Cost, including staying in a stunning Victorian mansion on the veld, includes all meals, drinks and tuition: R4000.00

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: 10% discount for Safrean members, so for Safreans its R3600.00

Course/s are ideal for: Anyone who has a book inside them and doesn’t know how to start

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.prynnsberg.co.za; www.hamiltonwende.co.za

Contact number or e-mail address: sue@prynnsberg.co.za or sue@unplugged.co.za

Name: Rodger Shagam

Region: Western Cape (Cape Town) but can travel by negotiation

Area of specialisation: Photography

Training areas (topics): Basic photography

Course/s available: Improving your pics: 2 days (10am-4pm) R1500

Discount for paid-up Safrea members: 20

Course/s are ideal for: Entry level, point and press, to basic DSLR photographers

Accreditation: None

Link or e-mail address to read more: www.africanpix.com

Contact number or e-mail addressclix@africanix.co.za, 082 900 1580