Name: Tony Mills

Region: Eastern Cape (PE)

Area of specialisation: Photography

Training areas (topics): Basic users course slanted at journos; shows dos and don’ts; covers upmarket point-and-shoots (G10-type) to SLRs via distance learning.

Course/s available:

  • Basic Photography Course (Correspondence). The length of the course is dependent on the student’s grasp of things photographic. Usually, at classroom level, it’s four weeks, one day a week for 2½-hour sessions with practicals at around 1½ hours each.

Discount for paid-up SAFREA members: A reasonable donation for my time would be appreciated. The usual cost of the course is R1500.

Course/s are ideal for: Beginner or would-be news/journo photographers.

Accreditation: None.

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Contact number or e-mail address: