Anthony Gillespie

Membership Number: SAF02068

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Province:Gauteng (South)
Country:South Africa

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Media:Advertising, Books, Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, Social Media


Originally starting of as IT nerd studying computer programming I accidentally ended up in the design  industry. I liked it, so I stuck with it.

Being in a design industry certainly has it’s moments, hectic deadlines, long working hours, great teams of people. There is however a certain sense of pride when you view a well done final project and realize that that is your work, or that you were part of the team that created that.

Love Photography. Amateur photographer doing the ocassional event and product shoot when asked.

Currently on the look out for freelance work, maybe short-term contract or a suitable permanent position should that cross my path. Contact me and let us discuss what you need me to do for you.


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