Freelancer Rates Guidelines

SAFREA publishes an annual Freelance Media Industry & Rates Report. This is a survey of freelancers in South Africa and shows the average age, gender, residence, education, working hours and income of media freelancers.

The report includes a comprehensive overview of rates paid for specific freelance media specialities. These rates reflect fees that are reportedly charged by professionals in the media freelance industry in 2016.

By presenting these rates, SAFREA intends to build informed and standardised rates guidelines. These rates should serve as a basis for fee negotiations and support efforts for fair pay for freelancers.

SAFREA does not intend to influence or control pricing policy. All rates should be agreed between freelancer and freelance employer/client and should be in line with the freelancer’s experience and qualifications. 

Click here to view the SA 2016 Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report

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For more information on how to charge clients, how to structure billing and how to negotiate fair wages, please see the posts below.

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SAFREA's Freelance Rates Guidelines

Safrea's recommended freelance rates. These rates are meant as a starting point for fee discussions and negotiations between freelancers and employers. 


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