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While SAFREA supports freelancers in every facet of the media and communications industry, we acknowledge that many of our members are writers and editors.

The following articles include tools, resources and insights that are specific to the freelance writing and editing profession.

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How to Manage Book Writing, Editing and/or Ghost Writing

This is a discussion on how to go about managing work in writing, editing and/or ghostwriting book projects and how to charge for them.

Ghostwriting: Collaboration between client and writer

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Ancient Greek writers called on the Muses for guidance and inspiration. Some claimed that the Muse was speaking through the writer, and not the other way around. Comparing life then and now, it seems logical for people, who do not have the time or the talent, to write to call - not on Muses - but on ghostwriters to help them tell their story.

Shedding light on ghostwriting

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Tips for writers who have taken on or are considering a gig ghostwriting a book. 

Have laptop, will travel: How to get published

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Tired of struggling to get your byline in a publication or two? Caroline Hurry editor-in-chief of Travelwrite and Safrea member, offers 12 tips when pitching travel stories to editors.

Getting published: The options

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Notes from a talk by three Safreans at a Safrea branch meeting in Cape Town.

Grammar rules on the web

Newcomers to Safrea often ask on the members-only Safrea Google group for tips on where to find good resources for editing style and grammar rules. We thought it would be worth posting one of the answers here.

Keeping track of story submissions

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Sonar free writer submission tracking software keeps short stories and freelance articles organised and submitted.

Fact-checking policy: Dealing with difficult interviewees

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A discussion on the Safrea members-only Google group revealed that many journalists struggle with interviewees who want to make unreasonable changes to articles before they go to print. There is a fine line between accepting factual changes and being persuaded to rewrite an article into an advertorial by a forceful interviewee.

Defamation on the internet: UK ruling

The English courts have recently held that a newspaper will be liable for defamation if it continues to make a defamatory story available via its website after the person defamed in the story has been cleared of wrongdoing.

Why You Shouldn't Do Your Own Editing

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The last time you wrote a document, didn't it make you mad when - after checks and double-checks - someone pointed out the error you should've spotted before you printed 50 of the bleeding thing? Welcome to the world of what I call ‘Neuro Autocorrect', where your brain fixes your mistakes so you don't see them. Here's how it happens, why it happens, but more important, what you can do about it.

Check, Check and Double-Check

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How do you ensure that you never look stupid in your haste to get messages out? Regardless of your personal beliefs about the world, humanity, religion or politics, the bottom line of all business communication is that God is in the details. In other words, if you're operating inside the corporate arena and you're writing stuff (no matter how short, informal or irregular) that other people read, perfect accuracy is part of your job.

Making time to write

You want to write, you’ve got a great idea for a story, you’ve made a few notes – but your life is just too busy to find the time to get behind your computer.

Journos need special skills to report on kids

What special skills do journalists need to report on kids? According to Media Monitoring, there are sepcific guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure fair and sensitive coverage of youngsters.  

Covering yourself for surprise success

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Advice given by an agent when writing a book for a flat fee.

How I Want You to Write

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A guideline on writing for Good Taste Magazine

Why writing for magazines is not what it used to be

Find out what writers can do about it.

Ethics and quoting

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Having been in journalism since 1984 as both a reporter and a sub, Renee Moodie gives this advice for ethics and quoting:

Books blog

Looking for a blog that offers reviews and specific sections for different genres? We've got you covered.

‘This is my job,’ by a journalist

The next PR or marketing person who asks me if they can approve/proof-read a story before it goes to print is going to get the kind of reaction from me that makes a nuclear explosion look calm, controlled and harmless. Thereafter I will take a dictionary, and hit them repeatedly over the head with it, until they beg me to let them look up editorial integrity, and press freedom.

Website for citizen reporters

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The website from Johnnic Media solicits citizen reporting and pays for good stuff.

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