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Arthur Goldstuck: Freelance Adventures In Instagram

Here is the video of Aurthur Goldstuck's fascinating talk on his Freelance Adventures On Instagram, urban street art and how he joined a global subculture thanks to social media. 

Safrea issues Press Release on Unpaid Internships

Safrea's chair, Clive Lotter, expresses concern about unpaid internships in a press release published today.


Social Media Strategy Presentation

Safrea in the Western Cape recently hosted an evening dedicated to social media strategy and enjoyed a presentation by social media expert, Lynne Smit, of Hippo Communications.

For Members, this reportback can also be found in the Resources tab item on our website, under item Meetings. After 3 weeks, this News item will revert to and be archived under  the Resources folder also.

Click here to visit the Meeting Reportback.


Nechama Brodie at Safrea!

Next week, Safrea Gauteng South welcomes one of the most respected independent freelancers in the game. Nechama Brodie has worked as a hard-news reporter and feature writer, authored several books – including the acclaimed Joburg Book – and now works at independent fact-checking organisation Africa Check, as their head of training and research. 

Nechama, who is also completing a masters degree in journalism, will talk about how fact-checking can totally transform your journalism process, why digital journalism and data journalism should never be confused, and about the growing number of free data and fact-checking resources available to writers and reporters, and anyone who works in media and communications.  

Starts: 30 Mar 09:30
Ends: 30 Mar 12:00

Arthur Goldstuck: Freelance Adventures in Instagram

SAFREA Gauteng South is starting the year with a fantastic guest speaker, our very own Arthur Goldstuck. (If you don't know who he is, Google him already!)

Arthur will be sharing his experiences as a successful freelancer in a talk with the intriguing title, Freelance Adventures in Instagram.

Starts: 10 Feb 09:30
Ends: 10 Feb 12:00

Know Your Copyrights: Safrea event 27 August

Safrea Western Cape unpacks what freelancers need to know about copyright on Thursday, 27 August, 6:30 p.m. for 7:00 p.m., at Codebridge, Newlands.

Starts: 27 Aug 18:30
Ends: 27 Aug 21:00