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Safrea Strategic Development Plan

The Safrea National Exco and Oversight Committees 2013/14 have put together a Strategic Development Plan (SDP) to be implemented over the next two years. The aim is to develop Safrea into a streamlined and effective organisation that can serve its members to their best advantage.

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Safrea Recommended Rates 2013-14 now available

Good news, Safreans! Our new 2013|2014 rate card is now available. Click here to view. 

Safrea Addresses Inappropriate Use Of Freelancers' Material by Publishing Houses



26 September 2012

Safrea Addresses Inappropriate Use Of Freelancers' Material by Publishing Houses


The Southern African Freelancers’ Association (Safrea) is concerned about the increased frequency with which publishers are republishing freelancers' commissioned and ‘on spec’ content in other publications in their stable or online without agreement from the relevant journalist, photographer or designer, and without paying them for the re-use.